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How SEO is Used in Web Design and Development

In all-powerful search engines, such as Google and Bing, primary search results can be seen, based on what’s really important for users, on web pages and other items, including videos, images, or local lists. 

SEO is a procedure for optimizing content to be found using organic search results from a search engine. The advantages are obvious: free, passive website traffic, month after month. Web Design Norfolk is very knowledgable when it comes to the big picture part of SEO in web design and website development. 

SEO is the method of bringing targeted traffic from organic results to a website. Search engine optimization (SEO) is an approach. SEO ‘s common tasks involve the development of high-quality web, content optimization around keywords, and backlinks.

That is to say, the ones that follow:

SEO is concerned with increasing the rankings of the search results on a platform in the organic segment (not paid).

The biggest benefit of ranking for a specific keyword is that month after month, you will get free traffic from your web page.

However, how are you optimizing your SEO content and what are the actual “rank factors?”

SEO specialists in Norfolk Web Design have spent years mastering these rank factors and techniques to better assist your clients

How these Search Engines Work:

These search engines are just like digital-era libraries.

They store copies of web pages instead of holding books.

When entering a search engine query, it scans through all of the pages in the database and tries to return the results.

To that end, it uses an algorithm called a computer program.

Nobody knows how such algorithms work specifically, but we have hints, from Google at least.

Search engines look at many factors for you, such as your query words, the relevance and accessibility of pages, your source and location expertise, and settings, in order to provide you with the most helpful information.

What is Relevancy in SEO?

You don’t want to see truck tires webpage if you are looking for “chocolate chip cookie recipes.”

That is why Google sees pages closely connected to your keyword in the first and foremost location.

But Google does not only mark it as “top sites.” This is because for every search word there are thousands (or even millions).

For instance, the cookie recipes keyword generates 349 million Google results.

SEO Crawlability

Google needs to know that it exists before it can even consider rating its content.

Google uses a variety of ways to find new web material but the keyword is to crawl. Simply put, Google records links in the pages that it knows and others it didn’t see before.

You use a computer program called a spider to do this.

Let us say that there is a backlink to your homepage from a website already in the Google index.

When you crawl through this site, you will follow this link to discover the webpage of your website and probably add it to your index.

They are going to hit the links on the homepage from there to find other pages on your site. Web Design Norfolk’s team of experts will optimize your website to better be found and crawled by search engines to make sure your content is correctly indexed.

SEO Usefulness

Content may be authoritative and appropriate. But if it doesn’t work, Google won’t put the content at the top of the search results.

In fact, Google said publicly that “higher quality content” is distinct from “available” content.

Let’s say, for example, that you’re looking for “Paleo Diet.”

The first answer (“Answer A”) you click on is the most important expert in the world on Paleo. And also because the page includes so much content, many people related to it.

Mobile Friendly

63% of searches by Google come from mobile devices and this figure increases annually.

Given this statistical figure, it is possibly not shocking that in 2016, Google announced that its mobile search results would boost mobile websites.

Web Design Norfolk SEO Services

In 2018, Google also switched to web indexing, meaning your Web Edition of your Website is now indexing and ranking.

Combine that with the fact that Google’s first five pages receive 67 percent of all clicks and you get an idea about what search engine optimization is all about.

There’s now a gag around the web that emphasizes the value of Google’s first page:

You should hide a dead body on the second Google search results page, if you ever need to hide it.

If the Google Search results on your blog article, blog post or product are any page other than the first one, they are not the same.

At Norfolk Web Design, we build all of our client’s websites to be fully responsive and work well on any mobile device.

Page Speed is a Major SEO factor

How quickly your page loads is Page speed. This is a factor of mobile and desktop ranking.

Why does this happen? Google wishes again to please its customers. When your users click on the search results which take too much time to load, they are unhappy.

You can use the Pingdom Tools to check the speed of your website. Web Design Norfolk will use the most advanced methods and caching technology to make sure your website is running as fast as it can to help improve your SEO search rankings.

Organic Search Results and Seo Services

Organic search results (also called ‘natural’ results) are actual search results based 100% on merit.

In other words, Google or other search engines are not to be paid for in order to maximize the organic results of the search.

Based on hundreds of various rating criteria, search engine ranking organically generated tests. In general, however, Google considers organic results to be the most relevant, trustworthy, and authoritative websites.

It is easy to find a keyword or keywords to classify. Only add a subject into a research tool such as Ahrefs Keywords Explorer and scan for relevant search volume keyword ideas.

That said, many people do not think that their page suits the search intent of their selected keyword.

How SEO Norfolk Web Design Can Help with our SEO Services

We have been training our team with the best suggested SEO principles laid out by Google themselves. 

Our specialists are SEO copywriting experts who craft web copy specifically for ranking your website.

We use white hat SEO techniques so that there’s no quick cheap tricking Google. Which means you won’t get dinged in the future. We only use ethical SEO methods.

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